One day a billionaire was bored, so he asks his butler to get him three men.

A few hours later the butler comes back with three men and they all go the the side of the river.

The rich man says "OK I've got a deal you cannot refuse. The one who can swim across the river, which is full of crocodiles and piranhas, will win a Jaguar and ten weekends anywhere in the world, everything paid, or a nice flat in London, or half a million euros. The winner chooses."

No one replies, so the rich man gives up and starts to leave.

All of a sudden the man hears a big splash. One of the men is swimming very fast, avoiding all the crocodiles and piranhas.

The billionaire was very impressed. After the swimmer crosses the bridge back, the rich man congratulates him and asks him what he wants.

The swimmer replies "I want the son of a bitch who pushed me in!"

Saying 'all of a sudden' is like saying 'suddenly,' 'd'un coup,' etc. Si quelque chose arrive 'all of a sudden,' cela se produit rapidement et de manière inattendue.

Example in English Equivalent in French
"All of a sudden he started crying." Tout d'un coup, il a commencé à pleurer
"I'm not feeling very well, all of a sudden." Je ne me sens pas bien, tout d'un coup.
"All of a sudden you want my help?" Tout d'un coup, tu souhaites mon aide ?
"And then it started raining all of a sudden." Et puis il a commencé à pleuvoir tout d'un coup.

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